Root Pond private waters and monster trout
Root Pond is an 8-acre private trophy trout lake that Animas Valley Anglers has exclusive access to fish. Root Pond is tucked away in draw west of Durango, hidden amongst the rolling Pinto bean fields surrounded by Pinion Pine, sage brush and small willows
. The fish are big and strong. These football-shaped rainbow trout are so strong they will rip the rod right out of your hand. Monster trout ranging in size from 1 to 7 pounds, and they crush streamers and dries. Be it a diet of crawfish or damsels we have no idea why these fish are so incredibly mean and strong. Many of these fish have abnormally large girth.

The season
Late February or early March kicks off our Root Pond season and extends to early July. Our fall season starts in late September and goes through October depending on air air and water temps.

In the spring, fish destroy streamers and will pounce on midges. The midges, looking like bats, are large compared to their San Juan cousins. April through June is when the cali baetis and damsel flies hatch. There will be thousands of blue adult damsels flying and mating all over the place, and it is common to see mating pairs snatched from the air by an aggressive, impatient trout.

Root Pond Trout
Due to the high protein diet some fish are as big around as they are long. Fish size ranges from 13 to 24 inches.

Catch Rates
Catch rates can vary, depending on hatches and fishing conditions, but 20 fish to the fly per day, per rod is fairly typical.

Still water fly fishing you just have to experience
This pond has become a fantastic place to fish regardless of ability. If you are just beginning in the sport of fly fishing, or if you have years under your belt on all types of water you will find Root Pond to be a special and exciting place to wet a line.

The pond is deep and clear, allowing full view of fish cruising weed beds, rock points and long flats in search of grub. We float it in our standard drift boats or skiffs. This gives the angler the ability to spot fish, lead the fish with a cast and hopefully hook and play it.

Root Pond Guide Trips and Rates
All our guide trips for Colorado and the San Juan River in New Mexico include:

  • Professional Guide
  • Flies (including secret guide patterns)
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Hearty stream-side lunch with drinks
  • Transportation (if needed)
  • Rod/Reel and Waders/Boots

If you or any one in your group needs to use a rod and reel and/or waders for the day, no problem, we will supply high-end gear at no extra cost. Most guide services tack that, as well as flies, on to the bill. Right there you and your group are saving over $40 per angler.

Root Pond float trips do not include: Colorado fishing license and customary gratuity for the guide.