Rio Grande float trips
Valley Anglers offers float trips on the legendary Rio Grande River near Creede and South Fork Colorado. This is a larger river with mostly mellow waters making it a comfortable float from the raft or drift boat. This river flows through some incredible country and its simply a blast to fish with lots of fish to the fly and massive insect hatches.

We offer float trips on several sections of river near Creede, Colorado. We float over 50 plus miles of the Rio. We are one of the few outfitters who is legally permitted to guide the upper Rio north of Creede. These sections include Texas Creek, Rio Ox Bows, Hog Mountain, Rio Grande Campground, Marshall Park, Antlers, Broad Acres, Deep Creek, Wason Ranch, La Garita and Wagon Wheel Esates.

The trout
On any given day an angler can expect to see several of the Rio's plentiful mid-sized brown trout move to the fly. The average fish is around 14 inches while fish in the 16 to 18 inch range are not uncommon. There are also some very nice bows that live in the Rio. The Rio does have some monsters lurking about, but this river is really about the sheer number of fish to the fly. When the hatch is thick and the fish are on, each angler can see well over 40 or 50 fish to the fly.

Do you like casting dries? Good, because the Rio is primarily a dry fly river, but the streamer fishing can be excellent early and late season. There are a couple guides (mostly Will) who fishes bass-style poppers when the Rio brownies are high in the water column aggressively pounding streamers.

The day
Many of our fishing guests will stay in historic Creede Colorado. This small mining town has not changed much in the past hundred years and is the hub for most of our trips on the Rio. Most guide days start around 8 and after we run the shuttle, we fish from 8:30 or 9:30 to 4, 5 or 6 in the evening. After a long day on the water we'll clean up and head for dinner at the Creede Hotel were Dave Toole and his staff put on a five star meal. After dinner some guests will turn in, while others like to check out the Creede Repertory Theater or enjoy spirits at one of the watering holes were tales of the days fishing can be heard over a game of billiards.

The season
The float season on the Rio is in full swing by early June and can last well into July. Of course this window depends largely on the area snow pack and releases from 30 Mile Reservoir. There are also early season float opportunities in March and April. Early season fishing can be unpredictable when it comes to weather, but the fishing with streamers nymphs and poppers can be out of sight.

Getting there
The Rio is 2 hours east of Durango. We meet our clients in Durango, South Fork, Creede or Pagosa Springs and then head to the river. Often times we prefer to meet in Creede or South Fork since we like to set up camp in the area while the fishing is hot. We prefer to book our Rio Grande trips as a two day minimum trip due to the distance of the river from our home-base in Durango. However, if you only have one day and your dying to fish the Rio, it may be possible for us to arrange a meet in that area and make it happen.

Booking trips and lodging
This is an amazing place and dates fill up fast, so book know for the true Colorado experience. There is plenty of lodging for our guests in and around the Creede/South Fork area. Some have a bit more character than others so just ask and we'll put you in touch with our favorites. Feeling lazy or too busy? Let us book a place for you for a small additional fee. This is a fantastic trip for any level of angling experience.

Rio Grande Guide Trips and Rates
All our guide trips for Colorado and the San Juan River in New Mexico include:

  • Professional Guide
  • Flies (including secret guide patterns)
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Hearty stream-side lunch with drinks
  • Transportation (if needed)
  • Rod/Reel and Waders/Boots

If you or any one in your group needs to use a rod and reel and/or waders for the day, no problem, we will supply high-end gear at no extra cost. Most guide services tack that, as well as flies, on to the bill. Right there you and your group are saving over $40 per angler.

Rio float trips do not include: Colorado fishing license and customary gratuity for the guide.