Guided Headwater Trips
Many of the great headwaters of the area start as tiny creeks high-up in the mountains. The headwater streams are the birth place of our main rivers like the Animas, Dolores and Rio Grande.

Where We Explore
Animas River (looks more like a creek) and its tributaries near Silverton Colorado offers anglers a high altitude environment with the small streams running gin-clear. Most creeks (some are void of life due to mining impacts) are home to stunning brookies, rainbows and native Colorado Cutthroat Trout. Tall mountain peaks surround the valley bottoms were aspens, pines and spruce line the hillsides. The fish are stunning and so is the scenery.

Dolores River and tributaries near Rico Colorado offers the creek angler fantastic headwater fishing. Small waters were pretty little brookies feed on aquatic insects. Fun trip for those staying near Cortez or Dolores.

The season for our Headwater trips is spring through late October. Just depends on the weather, snowpack and the conditions of the dirt roads.

Other creek and tributary streams that we guide:

Upper Animas via Durango-Silverton Train | Guide reports for the Creeks | Creeks

Take in Some History
Another unique aspect to our guided mountain adventures are the side trips to old historic towns, settlements and mines. Step back in time for a true old west adventure. Our guided trips north of Durango near Silverton Colorado are, in essence, a combination of guided fly fishing, history lesson and a scenic drive (jeep tour).

The gear
Head-waters trips are basically the same as our mountain creek and streams trips. Most trout are incredibly beautiful, but are not known to be be very large. They range in size from 5 to 14 inches, so these waters are best fished with a 0 to 3 weight rod. Again, light breathable waders or hippers are fine, and one might just wish to wet wade when temperatures and weather permit. Rain jacket, hat, bug juice, polarized shades and camera are also a must for these trips. Many of our guest bring along a small pack for water, camera and snacks.

Guide Trips
AVA Headwater Trips include:

  • Professional Guide
  • Flies (including secret guide patterns)
  • Terminal tackle
  • Hearty stream-side lunch with drinks
  • Transportation (if needed)
  • Rod/Reel and Waders/Boots (if needed)

Headwaters trips do not include: Colorado fishing license and
customary gratuity for the guide

If you or any one in your group needs to use a rod and reel and/or waders for the day, no problem, we will supply high-end gear at no extra cost. Most guide services tack that, as well as flies, on to the bill. Right there you and your group are saving over $40 per angler.