Animas River Fly Fishing Float Trips
We offer full day, 1/2 day and evening float trips on the Animas River. Our float trips cover over 40 miles of water including the Animas Valley, Durango public waters including the Gold Medal section and private waters south of town. We also offer a special lower river canyon float that starts at the Southern Ute boundary and ends a few miles into New Mexico. (Only a Southern Ute can guide the Southern Ute Waters). We have exclusive and shared put-ins and take-outs, along with exclusive private land access where we can also wade fish and enjoy a stream-side lunch.

River Miles
Full day trips will typically cover 6 to 12 miles of river. Half day and evening trips will cover 3 to 6 miles depending on flows and conditions. Even when flows are low we continue to float fish the Animas, usually covering shorter distances and focusing on deeper holding water.

We mix up our days on the various beats depending on seasonal changes, flows, water conditions and insect hatches.

Season and Techniques
Float season can start as early as February and can last well into October or November. February through April the fish can be found eating small dries, nymphs and streamers. April through early June, when the river flows are up, we fish large streamers, nymphs and poppers. In mid June, as snow melt slows, our annual caddis hatch kicks in making for fantastic dry and nymph fishing. July through October we cast dries like hoppers, caddis, PMDs, tricos and cicadas. Nymphing from the boat can be also be very productive almost any time of year.

Animas Trout
In the various float sections of the Animas, an angler has the opportunity to cast to browns, rainbows, cut-bows and cutthroat trout. Size range of trout in the Animas is wide open. Any given cast gives you the opportunity for an 8-inch dink or a 30-inch fish of a lifetime... you just never know who's going to latch on!

Catch Rates
Catch rates can vary day to day, but the river is healthy with a strong fish population, and many of the fish are wild trout. These studly trout are quality fish as well, you wont see many hook scars on these beauties. On a good day, its not uncommon to have 20 fish or more to the fly!

Animas Guide Trips and Rates
All our guide trips for Colorado and the San Juan River in New Mexico include:

  • Professional Guide
  • Flies (including secret guide patterns)
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Hearty stream-side lunch with drinks
  • Transportation (if needed)
  • Rod/Reel and Waders/Boots

If you or any one in your group needs to use a rod and reel and/or waders for the day, no problem, we will supply high-end gear at no extra cost. Most guide services tack that, as well as flies, on to the bill. Right there you and your group are saving over $40 per angler.

Animas float trips do not include: Colorado fishing license and customary gratuity for the guide.