Amanda Stenjem
How does a Midwest girl end up in the Southwest? Well, because of trout of course. Amanda fell in love with the mountains and deserts of the Southwest and now calls Durango home. She is a biologist working for a Durango based company called Ecosphere.

She has her undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Management, Master of Science in Sustainable Community Development and Wildlife Recreation, Nature Tourism. She currently serves as a biologist studying federally listed threatened and endangered species in New Mexico and Colorado. She has 10-plus years of experience teaching, evaluating and developing management plans for wildlife habitat. She also spends a lot of time in the field; hooting at owls or calling in mountain lions (unintentionally).

Amanda will be leading wildlife/bird watching hikes for AVA guests as well as teaching and helping with our ladies workshops.

Amanda's down time consists of fishing, hiking and running with her dogs Kispa and Chloe, her fun lovin' labs. She is also on the go chasing her toddler, Ben. Ben was born in December 2000 and loves spending time in the outdoors with mom and dad. Amanda, Will and Ben also enjoy spending time in British Columbia chasing trout, salmon and steelhead. She also enjoys cooking, running dog sleds, travel and steelheading.