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Root Pond Trophy Trout details
Most trout in Root Pond are a Donaldson-Bailey cross. They definitely show off their steelhead traits with long power runs and thrashing leaps. There are also a few cut-bows lurking about too.

Still water fly fishing you just have to experience
This pond has become a fantastic place to fish regardless of ability. If you are just beginning in the sport of fly fishing, or if you have years under your belt on all types of water you will find Root Pond to be a special and exciting place to wet a line.

The fish are big and strong. These "football" shaped rainbow, brown and brook trout are so strong they will rip the rod right out of your hand. The trout range from 1 to 4 pounds with 7 pounders lurking deep in the weed beds. They absolutely love to crush streamers and the gulping dry fly takes are very cool. Be it a diet of crawfish or damsels we have no idea why these fish are so incredibly wicked and strong. Many of these fish have abnormally large girth.

Root is also a fantastic bird sanctuary. So if you like trout and claim to be a bird-nerd, then Root Pond is a great fit for you.

Root Pond
Private 8-acre lake west of Durango Colorado that is home to big, mean and aggressive trout. This deep clear lake grows some monster trout that love dry flies. We have exclusive access to Root Pond that we fish from the comfort of our drift boats. Hang on, these fish are total tuff.

Root Pond Guide Reports
Winter 2014

Root Pond: Iced over with no fishing.

Guide Activity
Our Root Pond season will start in early March.

Root Pond Guide Reports

October 12, 2012
Guide: Chris Meyer
Section: The entire lake
Weather: Sun
Am temps 34 F | PM temps 66 F
Hatches: dragon flies, a few midges
Fishing: Fished pretty well. Most fish were on twitched hoppers. Fish are in good shape. Looks like a couple more good weeks till the weather turns.

Predictions and forecast
The trout just keep getting bigger and bigger. This year we have a chance at fish in the five to six pound range. Are there bigger ones? We'll just have to see. When all of our other fisheries are muddy from snowmelt, Root Pond is a perfect place to spend the day.

Guided Fly Fishing on the Root Pond
We offer full day guided float trips on Root Pond. The pond is deep and clear, allowing full view of fish cruising weed beds, rock points and long flats in search of grub. We float fish the mini lake from our standard drift boats or skiffs. This gives the angler the ability to spot fish, lead the fish with a cast and hopefully hook and play it. We also offer a combo trip in the spring; fish Root Pond in the morning, then finish the day on the Dolores.
Root Pond Hatches
Summer hatches on Root Pond include large midges, damsel flies, cali baetis, ants and dragon flies.
  • February-March: Some midges, fry, crawfish, aquatic fleas-good streamer fishing
  • April: Giant midges, cali baetis, fry, crawfish, aquatic fleas-great streamer fishing
  • May: Midges, may flies, ants, damsels, dragon flies, fry, crawfish, aquatic fleas
  • June: Damsels, dragons, hoppers, fry, crawfish, aquatic fleas
  • July/Aug/Sep: Too warm to fish
  • Oct/Nov: Midges and streamers
Insects and food in the system
Damsel flies, dragon fly, crawfish, midges, sedge, aquatic flea, snails, may flies and ducklings.

Fly patterns
Book a trip and learn about the Root Pond Spider!

Past Guide Reports

June 13, 2012
Guide: Will
Section: Entire lake
Weather: Sun | AM temps 59 F | PM temps 81 F
Hatches: Damsels!
Fishing: Very good fishing with every rainbow ripping line and jumping like they were on fire. The brookies are growing in width more than length. The brown trout are starting to thrive as well. Root Pond is back!

May 14, 2012
Guide: Will
Section: Entire lake
Weather: Sun and some high cloud cover | AM temps 54 F | PM temps 81 F
Hatches: Damsels
Fishing: Good hatch today. The fish ate nymphs early and then floating emergers, adults and spent damsels. Great sight fishing! Biggest fish was 18 inches and very fat.

March 1, 2012
Guide: Will
Section: Entire lake
Weather: Sun | AM temps 43 F | PM temps 61 F
Hatches: Midges and Cali Baetis
Fishing: Fun day with half the fish eating dries! Good streamer fishing too. Man, these fish rock!

Guide Report
June 7, 2010
Guide: Will
Section: Entire lake
Weather: Sun with some clouds | AM temps 75 F | PM temps 95 F
Hatches: Midges and cali baetis, damsels and dragon flies
Fishing: Slow some small rainbows and brookies eating on the surface.
All fish today on dries.