winter fly fishing

Southwest Lakes
Regional lakes and ponds are a great alternative to river muddied by spring run-off.

Lakes are great for kids and families looking for a mellow and relaxed day on the water.

Our permits for these fisheries are either DOW or National Forest Service. Root Pond is a private lake.

Animas Valley Anglers offers today's fly angler some of the best still water fly fishing in the Southwest. AvA guides large reservoirs, small alpine lakes and private ponds.

Drop us a line for more info on still-water challenges for trout, small mouth bass, large mouth bass, pike, salmon, pan fish, carp and more.

Still Water Fishing Reports
There are a lot of lakes and ponds here in the Southwest. There is everything from giant man-made impoundments to small alpine beaver ponds. The fishing and fish are as diverse as the types of fishing available. Feel free to drop us a line for the most current reports or to book a trip.

Lake Reports and Details

Winter 2014
Most lakes north of the New Mexico state line are iced over. Lake Navajo, bridging both Colorado and New Mexico is open with OK to good fishing. Other than that, not much happening (unless you can sneak your fly into a small hole in the ice).

good fishing

Predictions and forecast
Most lakes north of Durango take some time to open up. Mid elevation lakes open around mid April with the higher lakes and ponds opening in May. Some small lakes way up, 10,000 feet plus will not open till June or July.

Good time to be on the lakes. Waters are cooling and the fish are aggressive.

Guided fly fishing on the regional lakes
Animas Valley Anglers offers guided fishing on many lakes in the region. Just drop us a line to learn more and check on availability. Spring and early summer tends to offer the best fly fishing on our regional lakes.

Lake or Pond
Best time
How we
fish it
Echo Canyon
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

crappie catfish
rainbow trout

spring, summer
and fall
drift boat or raft
Crystal clear lake were you can see your targets deep along weed beds. Also great back up for muddy waters. Colorado state record large mouth is from Echo-11 pounds, 6 ounces!
Root Pond
Dolores, Colorado
rainbows cutbows smallmouth bass largemouth bass
Late February to late October
drift boat
Sight fish trophy trout on our 8 acre private lake. 1 hour drive from Durango. Perfect in the spring. Killer damsel fly hatch May-June.
Spud Lake
Durango, Colorado
brook trout
May to mid or late October
Alpacka Rafts
or wade
Short 1 mile hike to this small lake. Pack in an Alpacka Raft for serious alpine lake fun. Great setting.
Puett Reservoir
Mancos, Colorado
smallmouth bass
Mid April to November
drift boat
Fish big rods, big flies for big pike. You have a chance at a fish over 10 pounds!

Totten Lake
Mancos, Colorado

trout, pike, small mouth bass, perch
Mid April to November
drift boat
Nice lake for the family and some steady fishing.
McPhee Reservoir
Dolores, Colorado
small mouth bass, trout, salmon
Late June to November
power boat or drift boat
Large reservoir with many fishing opportunities.
Pastorias Lake
Durango, Colorado
rainbow trout, bass, blue gill
Late March to November
drift boat
Small lake close to Durango. Great for kids and families. We also offer a more intensive 2 hour casting lessons here.
Lemon Reservoir
near Durango
brown and rainbow trout
Mid April to November
power boat or drift boat

Smaller body of water.
Fun lake in a great setting.

Vallecito Reservoir
near Durango
pike, salmon, brown and rainbow trout
Mid April to November
power boat or drift boat

Large mountain lake.

Big lake with steady fishing in the spring and fall.

Andrews Lake
close to Durango
rainbow trout, brooks
May to mid or late October
raft or wade
Stunning setting high in the San Juan mountains.

Other Regional Lakes
Lake or Pond Species Finer points/flies
Hatcher Lake
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
largemouth bass
Nice small lake close to Pagosa with a mountain setting. Monsters call Hatcher Lake home.
Morgan Reservoir
(New Mexico)
bass, catfish, carp, bluegill

Large power plant lake. Fishes well in the winter. Foam & hair poppers, leeches, divers, sliders, buggers, minnow patterns

Navajo Reservoir
(New Mexico)
largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, bluegill, carp, salmon, trout, catfish

Large lake south of Durango that feeds the San Juan below Navajo Dam. Foam & hair poppers, leeches, divers, sliders, jig head feather flies, muddlers, buggers, crawfish, minnow patterns

Navajo Reservoir
rainbow, brown, carp, crappie, bass

Large lake south of Durango. Buggers, jig head feather flies, muddlers, nymphs

Electra Lake
north of Durango
brookies, rainbows, cut-bows

Private lake with daily public access. Buggers, minnow patterns, midges, adams, caddis

Emerald Lake
north of Durango
rainbows, cut-bows and cutthroat

Stunning lake in the mountains. Big hike, big rewards. Buggers, minnow patterns, midges, damsels, prince nymph, brassie, shrimp