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Mountain Creeks details
Durango Area
There are a number of productive creeks in the Durango area. Most feed into the Animas. Hermosa, Lime and Cascade are productive.

Dolores Area
The upper Dolores offers a lot of small waters. Each is home to brooks, cuts, bows and brown trout. Insect hatches range from caddis, mayflies and stone flies to ants and hoppers.

Pagosa Area
East Fork, Turkey Creek, Williams Creek and upper Piedra a few great fisheries in that area. Each fishery holds nice fish and can offer solid insect hatches depending on conditions.



Mountain Stream Fishing Reports
There are countless miles of fishable creeks here in the Southwest. Mountain creeks may not be as technical as the larger streams, but they still offer a challenges for anglers of all abilities. Our creek reports can give you an idea what to expect. Feel free to drop us a line for the most current report.

Creek Flows, Guide Report and Hatches

With the snow stacking up in the high country, it is time to pack away our small light rods and focus on making turns, passing the puck or fishing the larger rivers. Most creeks and small streams are iced and snowed over. There are a couple streams an ambitious angler could snowshoe into and might be able to find open water. Willing fish would be a bonus, and most certainly not a guarantee.

good fishing

Predictions and Forecast
Creeks will be snowed over till spring melt. We'll be back on the streams when flows and conditions allow. Should be some time late spring or early summer. Creeks typically fish well most of the main season. Prime time starts as early as mid June. Fishing continues to be solid till mid to late October.

The fall fishing has been fantastic. We are so lucky to have so many fishing options so close to Durango. The changing trees seemed more brilliant than in years past and the pretty small creek trout active on dries and droppers. On the cooler mornings a dropper under a fluffy dry is getting most of the play. Once the days warm the fish will get aggressive on the surface. Fall on a mountain stream, what a special time of year.

Fall flow range: 20-150 CFS
Winter flow range: Ice and Snow
Spring flow range: 300-2000+ CFS
Summer flow range: 30-300 CFS

Guided fly fishing on the mountain streams
Animas Valley Anglers guides miles and miles of the mountain creeks located in the San Juan National Forest, BLM and wilderness areas. Trips range from easy park walk and fish to burly adventures requiring long hikes to access remote waters. We have a creek fishing situation for any angler that enjoys mountain streams.


Mountain Creek Hatches
The hatches on the creeks, like all of our river and streams, change with the seasons.

  • Spring: Midges, BWOs, caddis, stones
  • Summer: Caddis, PMDs, tricos, ants, hoppers, crane fly, drakes,
  • Fall: Hoppers, BWOs

Insects and food in the system
Caddis pupa (both cased and free), caddis larva, midge larva and pupa, mayfly nymphs, stones, black flies, worms. Creek trout also rely on terrestrials as a main food source. Hoppers, ants and beetles.

Fly patterns
Attractor dry flies like stimulators, trudes and small foam patterns work the best. Creek fish are always a sucker for bead-head nymphs too. Presentation is more important than the pattern. Hoppers of all kinds, caddis, attractor patterns and fluffy generic dries.

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